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This Woman's Striped Sweatpants Are Making The Internet Go Crazy!

Uh, what's up with this gal's leg--or is it legs? That's what Twitter is wondering after a woman went viral over the weekend thanks to an optical-illusion pic. 

"Yeah, I just combined vertical and horizontal stripes," Twitter user @milanoysl wrote on Friday along with a full-body mirror selfie that shows her sporting a bulky striped sweatshirt atop a pair of track pants with a single stripe down the side. 

Since the stripe is the same color as her bathroom floor, it makes it look like she has two super-skinny, black-clad legs. 

Twitter went so nuts trying to figure out the pic that @milanoysl had to write in a follow-up tweet, "No I don't look like this," along with an obviously Photoshopped pic of her with two twiggy legs.