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Nokia Is Officially Bringing Back The Famous 'Matrix' 8110 Banana Phone

A startup that licenses the Nokia phone brand has unveiled a new version of the 8110, a curved cell phone that was first released in 1996 and featured in "The Matrix."

The phone, which is offered in banana yellow and black, will sell for $97. It will also come loaded with a new version of the game Snake.

The 8110 comes with 4G, and a handful of apps including Google Maps, Facebook, and Twitter. But it doesn't have a flashy operating system and users won't be able to download other popular apps.

The 8110 will be able to last 25 days in standby mode.

Nokia marketed the original 8110 as "the first of its kind in terms of its ergonomics." Its battery lasted up to six days, and it was able to store 16 ringtones and up to 324 names and numbers.