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What's In The $100k Oscars Swag Bag Will Blow Your Mind!

While only a few stars will walk off with Oscar statuettes on Sunday, there's at least one thing every high-voltage attendee can look forward to receiving: their free swag bags. 

Worth up to $100,000, Page Six reports that the bags are said to be filled with lavish and extravagant goodies like a "24K gold facial," a private Italian dinner for 16 and free trips to Tanzania, Hawaii and Greece. 

Gratis services are also part of the package, including sessions with a celebrity trainer and a "gum rejuvenation" dental procedure, along with a "conflict-free" diamond necklace and gluten-free chocolate vodka. 

There are some random freebies too, like locally grown oranges and bottles of the Mexican soda Jarritos. There's even a philanthropic aspect to one of the gifts: Stars get to make a $10,000 donation to an animal shelter of their choice. 

Ultimately, the Oscars have the final say on what goes in the swag bags, and in past years, they've rebuffed efforts to include gifts such as sex toys, weed vaporizers and plastic surgery.