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Starbucks Baristas Tweet Customers' Most Bizarre Drink Orders

A Starbucks barista recently shared a photo on Twitter of a monstrous drink order from a customer named Ashley that featured 10 pumps of vanilla, 10 sugars, five pumps of caramel syrup, and extra whip cream. 

The photo quickly went viral. "Is Ashley dead?" one curious person asked. 

Other Starbucks baristas began chiming in and sharing the most ridiculous drink orders they'd made.

"There was a girl at my store who would get a venti iced coffee with 7 pumps of vanilla, 7 caramel, 7 toffee nut, 5 classic, and 7 hazelnut with ex heavy cream," one wrote. 

Another tweeted, "There’s this girl at my store that would legit get a caramel macchiato with 10 pumps white mocha, 9 shots whole milk and 10 pumps vanilla and it was too much liquid; we had to put it in a Trenta cup. And she never tips."