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Ryan Reynolds Auctioning Off Pink Deadpool Suit To Help Fight Cancer

Ryan Reynolds is known for being one of the nicest--and funniest--guys in Hollywood. So it's no surprise that he's just released a hilarious PSA announcing an auction of a pink Deadpool suit to fight cancer. 

"You may be wondering why the pink suit," Reynolds tells the camera in his blushing Deadpool get-up. "Well, so the world can see I have a big, old heart on. That's 'heart' with a 't.'" 

He goes on to explain that he's partnering with the fundraising platform Omaze to drum up money for the nonprofit F**k Cancer. Fans can donate as little as $10 for a chance to win the suit, but donations of $1,000 and more will also earn you gifts like autographed posters or outgoing voice-mail messages personally recorded by Reynolds himself. 

He adds that you might want the suit for your "S&M collection" or to "scare off birds, children and the elderly."