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Starbucks New Crystal Ball Frappuccino Looks So Magical!

Purple, green or blue—they say the Crystal Ball Frappuccino chooses you. ✨🔮 Available in US, Canada and Mexico...while the magic lasts.

A post shared by Starbucks Coffee ☕ (@starbucks) on

Starbucks just came out with their new Crystal Ball Frappuccino which comes in purple, green, and blue!

"A mystical, turquoise peach infusion Frappuccino® Crème blended beverage topped with peach flavored whipped cream and one of three different candy gems that reveal your fortune. Order, gaze, then all will be told" Starbucks rep stated. 

But hurry and get it while you because it's only here for a few short days in the US, Canada, and Mexico!

🔮 What do the mystical toppings mean? You're due for some luck, if the sparkles are green. Purple means magic is coming your way ✨. Blue for adventure far, far away. 🗺️ #🔮 #CrystalBallFrappuccino available for a limited time only.

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The Crystal Ball Frappuccino might tell your fortune, but these incredible DOBs tell the world how creative and talented partners are. Tag your store artist below and share which fortune you received! 💜💙💚 Thanks to our talented artists for sharing these masterpieces! #tobeapartner #crystalballfrappuccino 🔮✨ @chalkitup91 @theodoretheartist @blakerodriguez56 @katrinawoldart @nayra262 @VeeCeeThatsMe

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Crystal Ball Frappuccino coming to Fairway March 22nd-April 2nd (while supplies last) 🔮✨🌛

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A post shared by Jiwon Chung (@geewonn) on

The #crystalballfrappuccino is #AMAZEBALLS !!! @sbux7705 has them if your joint doesn’t. #yum #peach #turquoise #fattening

A post shared by C. Ray Chapman (@beinggeeky) on

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