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Woman Takes Out Her Own Breast Implants Using Box Cutter

We are at a loss for words on this one. 

Oddity Central reports that a UK mom of three reportedly performed the world’s first DIY breast implant removal at home, because she couldn’t stand her F-cup breasts anymore and wouldn’t get on the health service’s waiting list.

She told the news outlet that her size F's were too big and affected her physically ad mentally. 

“I went upstairs, I got the mirror in front of me. I sat there for a while and thought I’d just cut a little bit to see if it hurts,” Tonnia recalled. 

“I put the ice underneath where the original scar is. I lifted my boob up and held the ice there for five minutes until I couldn’t bear it any longer. After a bit I pinched the skin and I couldn’t feel anything. I just got the knife and I did a tiny little incision on the original scar tissue and I couldn’t feel a thing. I thought ‘Oh, this doesn’t hurt. Great!'”

Plastic surgeon Dr Naveen Cavale, from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, said Tonnia was incredibly lucky. This procedure carries immense risk of infection, not to mention accidentally hitting arteries.

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