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Extreme Cut Out Jeans Are The New Trend!

For $168, you can buy a pair of unique “extreme cut out” jeans, which barely cover your body.

Carmar Denim, a Los Angeles-based clothing company, created a pair of “extreme cut out” jeans that barely cover the crotch area with the back resembling a thong. The top of the jeans is attached to the bottom with a small denim seam on each side.

According to the description reads on the website:  “Extreme Cut Out Pant is a high rise pant with large statement cutouts on front and back."

“For those who dare to bare”.

The pants are already sold out, and shoppers are now getting waitlisted. The pants are also high waisted and in select women’s European sizes from 24 to 27 — or 0 to 4 in US sizes.