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Chris Brown Sued Over Alleged Assualt At One Of His Parties

On Wednesday, famed attorney Gloria Allred announced that an unnamed client had filed a lawsuit against Chris Brown and one of his friends, Lowell "Young Lo" Grissom, over an alleged rape at an after-party Brown hosted in February 2017. 

While Brown did not participate in the alleged sexual assault, he stands accused of false imprisonment and supplying partygoers with cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana in what TMZ describes as "a scene from Caligula." 

Grissom is accused of repeatedly raping the plaintiff, as well as forcing her to perform oral sex on another woman--who happened to be menstruating at the time and, according to the filing, "literally sat on [the plaintiff's] face, using her legs to pin her down." 

The plaintiff also claims Grissom forced other women at the party to hook up with Brown, who's had numerous run-ins with the law. 

During a press conference, Allred described the alleged crime as "one of the most horrific sexual assault cases" she's ever seen. 

For his part, Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, tells TMZ that his client is the victim of "a $17 million shakedown," and that the LAPD agrees with his assessment.