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Woman's Bathroom Selfie Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Meet Paula Sophia Garcia Espino, a woman who recently shared a selfie taken in a bathroom during a vacation to Mexico. 

The image quickly went viral on Twitter--but not because of her. It was because strangers couldn't believe how badly the bathroom was designed.  

"Why is the toilet paper roll so far from the toilet? Damn," one tweeted. 

Others pointed out that there was a charging port right next to the toilet, as well as a towel rack underneath it. 

"The toilet is charging, the tissue paper is 1,000 feet away and behind that door is the Chronicles of Narnia," a Twitter user joked. Another wrote, "Yo your bathroom's priorities are f**ked up." 

Espino tells BuzzFeed that the bathroom is in her aunt's home and that she didn't think about the strange design when she snapped a picture. 

"I just focused on how I looked instead of what was going on behind me" she explains. 

She also wants everyone to know that there is another roll of toilet paper next to the bathroom.