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Apple Unveils Group FaceTime For Up To 32 People!

Apple announced Monday that it will launch several new features in iOS 12 this fall, including the ability to have Group FaceTime calls with up to 32 people at a time. 

Twitter users were quick to react to the overzealous idea. 

Here are 10 of their funniest tweets: 

  • I like how Apple thinks the average person is close enough with 32 people to want to see their face on their screen. 
  • Y’all ever try to have a convo with 4-6 people? How in the world you think a 32-person convo would go? 
  • When you're minding your own business and get a notification for a 32-person FaceTime...
  • Haha imagine having 32 friends. 
  • Harry Styles is about to be on stage at a show grabbing someone in the front row's phone, only to see 32 f**king people on FaceTime staring back at him. 
  • If I ever get a Group FaceTime call, I'm throwing my phone out of the window. 
  • You can FaceTime up to 32 people? I don't even talk to 32 different people on my phone.  
  • Group FaceTime is trending on my Twitter. When I was younger, it was called "a party." Invite your friends over. 
  • I have never used FaceTime. I definitely do not have 32 people's phone numbers. I'm still getting over the fact that I never see a payphone anymore! 
  • I got FaceTime turned off on my phone. Now that I see a group option coming, I'm never turning it back on.