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Anne Hathaway LOVED The Compliment Rihanna Gave Her After Giving Birth

Anne Hathaway revealed on Thursday's Ellen that her Ocean's 8 co-stars Rihanna gave her the biggest compliment about her bigger butt when they started shooting the movie. 

"It was my first movie after having my son," Hathaway said about now-2-year-old Jonathan. "I walked on the set, and, you know, my weight's a little up and I'm just aware of it. And Sandy Bullock looks up and goes, 'Looking good, mama!' It made me feel amazing! Cate Blanchett's like, 'Nice jeans, Hathaway!'" 

But RiRi apparently had the best compliment of all. "Rihanna looks up and goes, 'Damn girl, you got an a**!'" Hathaway recalled. 

"And of course I freaked out and loved it so much. I was like, 'Really?!' And she goes, 'You got an a** like me!'"