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Kanye West Says 'Deadpool' Stole His Music's Sound, Ryan Reynolds Trolls

Ever since Kanye West hopped back on social media, he's been a consistent trending topic. From discussing the albums that he's been working on, to his new Yeezy fashion collection, and more; West has become an open book. 

The artist's tweets always do one of two things... or a combination of both: shock or confuse. Nevertheless, West does have a very exciting life when he's off of social media. It turns out that he really enjoys kicking back like a lot of us and watching fun movies. One movie franchise that West is a major fan of is Marvel's Deadpool

On social media -- Twitter to be exact -- West talked about the films. "I love both Deadpool movies..." he tweeted. "I heard tracks in it that sound similar to mine…  bro I would have cleared my music for Deadpool…" West added, "Your guys writing and approach is so innovative … I love how you guys break the 4th wall… thank you for being innovative and please know I’m down to clear next time.." Take a look at those tweets below. 


Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds soon caught wind of these tweets and decided to troll West. The actor responded to them, "Agree. I'm having a word with Céline Dion," referencing Dion's original song for Deadpool 2 called "Ashes." Check that tweet out below. 


Photo: Getty Images

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