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Barbie Has A New Career & It's Pretty Awesome!

Introducing the latest Barbie career: Robotics Engineer! With these dolls, girls can imagine coding a world of their own. Shop the Robotics Engineer #Barbie now via the link in bio.

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Mattel’s new "career of the year" Barbie is a robotics engineer, complete with safety glasses, laptop, and robot accessories. 

Mattel's chief technology officer says the idea is to "get more females involved" in engineering so "they are the employees that we hire in the next decade to fill the STEM-type jobs that are so critical.”

The doll also comes in four skin tones.

We've partnered with @TynkerCoding, the award-winning programming platform, to introduce young girls to #coding! Through six Barbie-themed courses on Tynker, girls can learn coding while honing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills: tynker.com/BarbieYCBA.

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Girls need more role models. Let’s inspire the next generation to see themselves in careers underrepresented by women. By encouraging more girls to explore STEM with Robotics Engineer #Barbie, we show them that they can be anything. #YouCanBeAnything

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