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'The Sandlot' Prequel In the Works At 20th Century Fox!

A prequel for "The Sandlot", the iconic 1993 baseball pic that followed the antics of a crew of kids who accidentally sacrifice a Babe Ruth-signed baseball to the neighborhood dog, is in the works at 20th Century Fox.

Plans for a prequel come on the heels of the baseball film's 25th anniversary.

"The Sandlot" starred mainly children, including Tom Guiry (who played Scotty Smalls), Chauncey Leopardi (Michael "Squints" Palledorous), Brandon Quintin Adams (Kenny DeNunez), Shane Obedzinski (Tommy "Repeat" Timmons), Victor DiMattia (Timmy Timmons), Marty York (Alan "Yeah-Yeah" McClennan), Grant Gelt (Bertram Grover Weeks) and Renna (Hamilton "Ham" Porter).

There is no word on a plotline for the prequel, however, the original director and writer, David Mickey Evans will be involved.