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Two Women Arrested After Intense Nail Salon Brawl

Two women were arrested last week because of Nail salon brawl in Brooklyn that started due to a customer not wanting to pay for her service. 

After the video surfaced people in the neighborhood have started to protest against the salon, wanting to get it shut down. 

"We're out here today because a grandmother came here with her two granddaughters to get their nails done. The granddaughter got her nails done, her feet done and her eyebrows done. She paid for the nails, she paid for the feet, her eyebrows were messed up, she didn't want to pay for them...Because she did not want to pay the $5 for the messed up eyebrows, they attacked this grandmother and her two granddaughters with sticks, threw acetone on them, and then called the police on them."

Watch the video above to see the fight.