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Ariana Grande Gives Emotional Interview About Manchester Bombing

Ariana Grande broke down crying as she opened up about the impact the Manchester Arena bombing has had on her life.

When asked about her track “Get Well Soon” from her “Sweetner” album, and the importance of it to her in relation to last year’s terror attack.

She instantly started tearing up, but managed to say how she has internal issues and the song is meant to give everyone a hug.

Ariana said, “It's like people are permanently affected by this sh-t and it’s just like, perspective. It changes everything, changes your life quite a bit.”

Ariana says she tries not to give into fear for her fans, but the truth is she's scared. She says she feels it when she travels and hates the extra security measures she has to take to feel safe, but that's the way it has to be now.