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Woman Dupes Dozens Of Men Into Mass "Live Tinder Swipe" In NYC

A woman in New York City pulled off an insanely elaborate dating stunt on Sunday when she convinced dozens of men she spent weeks meeting on Tinder to join her at a live event in Manhattan--which turned out to be a mass Tinder date. 

A handful of her targets have since come forward telling similar stories: "Natasha" has been chatting them up on the app for weeks under the guise of wanting a normal, one-on-one date. 

"Hey, I'm finally free, do you wanna meet me at Union Square for my friend's DJ set?" she told one unsuspecting dude. "We'll get a drink and we'll see what happens." 

Another guy found that when he got to Union Square, "She gets on the stage...she gets the mic and is like, 'Thanks for coming out. I bet you're all wondering what this is about,'...Then she says, 'I've invited you all here for a chance to go on a date with me,' and proceeds to give a Hunger Games speech about what it's gonna take to date her." 

Several of the guys decided to participate in her dating challenges, which included sprints and push-ups. "The gist of it was she wanted to do Live Tinder. Folks were pretty mad," a man named Nicholas told Gothamist. "She did a live swipe line, right and left. I left at that point." 

But another guy who tweeted about his experience said, "I am genuinely amazed at the fallopian fortitude this girl possesses. This is top 10 greatest finesse of all time."