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WATCH: Cardi B Covers “We Went to the Moon" From "Even Stevens”

Cardi B celebrated Throwback Thursday a day early by posting a video of herself singing a song from the Disney Channel series Even Stevens. 

In a video posted on social media Wednesday, the "I Like It" rapper can be heard singing "We Went to the Moon in 1969," the song from the show's "Influenza: The Musical" episode. 

Cardi ends the clip by saying, "I'm mad that I still know that song after all these years." 

In the 2002 episode, Ren Stevens gets the flu but decides to go to school in order to keep her perfect attendance record. When Ren gets to school, however, she is unprepared for a presentation in science class. 

It’s at that point she bursts into song, telling her classmates about the moon landing.  

After seeing the video, Romano reposted it on her Instagram and Twitter, writing, "Who else wanna join my squad?"