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Buy Rich Berra's Children's Book The Tale Of Christmas Steve!

Rich Berra children's book, The Tale of Christmas Steve. Grab a copy for yourself before the holidays are over. Get it here

All proceeds from the book benefit the #LOVEUP foundation. 

Christmas Steve Book Events: 

  • December 1st 
    • Biltmore Fashion Center Mall (Phoenix/Scottsdale) at the lawn outside woods and whites
    • Time: 1pm-2:30pm 
    • Book signing
  • December 7th 
    • Phoenix Children's Hospital 
    • Time: 11:30am
    • Book and Toy Delivery
  • December 11th 
    • Cardon's Children’s Hospital
    • Time: 11:45am
    • Book delivery
  • December 14th 
    • Tuscon Barnes and Noble Foothills Mall 
    • Time: 3-5pm
    • Book Signing 
  • December 15th 
    • Sibley's West (Downtown Chandler) 
    • Time: 3-5pm
    • Book Signing 
  • December 16th 
    • Barnes and Noble (Dana Park Mesa)
    • Time: 2-4pm
    • Book signing 

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