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Crazy Mother Reaches Out To Secret Santa For Additional Present

According to an anonymous post on Reddit, a mother allegedly reached out to her Secret Santa gifter to both say thank you for the presents, and ask for another one.

Over 2,000 users weighed in on the mom’s gift request:

“She already crossed the line looking up how much the gifts cost. that would have been the end of the convo for me.”

“Really hate how she kept saying "Thanks! I appreciate it!" assuming you would automatically buy the tablet. I almost wish I got someone talking to me like this so I could put them in their place myself.”

“Engineer and no kids? Just deposit all your paychecks directly into my account thanks. Merry Christmas!”

“Let’s be honest, she crossed the line saying 'up the wazoo' twice.”

The Secret Santa posted screenshots of their text conversation... look below!