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WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Savagely Critiques Spicy Wings

Gordon Ramsay managed to drop the F-bomb a whopping 128 times during his Thursday appearance on the Season 8 premiere of Hot Ones, an online series where celebrity guests attempt to eat spicy chicken wings as they answer questions. 

"I feel like that's burning a new ring in my f**king a**," he declared at one point. 

"S**t! Now I know what that f**king song means, 'Ring of Fire.' Was that Johnny Cash?" The heat got so bad that Ramsay ended up having tears run down his face. He tried to combat the heat with Pepto-Bismol, lemon and lime juice, and doughnuts. 

"I need to see a f**king doctor. F**k yourself," he declared at the end of the segment.