Medical Office Under Fire For Oversharing In Sign About Why Doctor Left

It's pretty disturbing for patients to go to their doctor's office only to find a sign that their physician is no longer at the practice, but it was especially upsetting for patients at one Illinois medical office because of what the sign said

According to what was posted at the Multicare Specialists Chiropractor's Office in Granite City, Dr. Rodney Lupardus would not be returning because "his wife would not allow him to work [there] because [they] hired a 'female' nurse practitioner."

Susan Rolens, a patient of Lupardus' for 20 years, found the sign so shocking that she posted it to Facebook. She told her local news, "I thought it was unprofessional for a business to post something like that about a beloved doctor."


The next day, the sign was removed. Meanwhile, the nurse practitioner mentioned in it also spoke to the news, explaining:

"On my first day on the job as the nurse practitioner, I went to Dr. Lupardus and said, 'Can I ask you a question?' His reply was, 'He, the other doctor, is dealing with you, not me.' I told him it was regarding his patients and was told, 'The other doctor will answer any questions,' and he walked away. He did not speak to me the rest of the day."

Lupardus declined comment, but plenty of people on Facebook took the time to. One noted, "The lack of confidentiality is appalling. I would be concerned about this if I were a patient." Another said, "Regardless of the reason he left, this sign should not have been posted." Others blamed the Lupardus, stating, "I don't see why there are so many comments on how this is so unprofessional on the staff's part. What about the doctor who refuses to work with another care giver because of her gender?" However, Lupardus' patients feel it is a hatchet job against him by his now-former partner, who is not spoken about kindly in the comments.  

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