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Sons Prank Dad With Hilarious Giant Birthday Billboard

A Linwood, NJ dad has been getting birthday wishes from all over the world, thanks to a prank by his two sons.

The man’s birthday is coming up on March 16th, so his sons paid to take out an ad on a billboard.

Their dad’s face and phone number are listed on the billboard as you drive into Atlantic City toward the casinos.It reads: “Wish my dad Happy Birthday. Love, your sons.”

The sons live in Florida and said they wanted to wish him an extra special birthday.

The dad says he has gotten more than 15,000 messages and calls. He said, “It was fun until this morning. Then I wanted to kill them. But I’m going with it, having a good time.”

Apparently, he’s already planning to get his sons back for the prank.

The billboard will stay up until April 6th.