TMZ: Paris Jackson Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt, Paris: "Liars"

Paris Jackson has been hospitalized following an attempted suicide. According to TMZ, police and EMTs were at Paris' home in Los Angeles, where she attempted to take her own life. She was brought to the hospital and put on an involuntary psychiatric hold. She is now in stable condition being closely monitored by doctors.

TMZ reports that sources close to Jackson say Paris had been having trouble with the allegations made against her father, Michael Jackson, in Leaving Neverland, the documentary that describes the sexual molestation accusations against the singer.

Paris previously spoke out about the film, defending her father and maintaining his innocence, though she hadn't yet seen the documentary.

The 20-year-old Jackson, who has struggled since her father died in 2009, previously attempted suicide in 2013, but has been open about her depression.

However, in response to the report, Paris called out TMZ in a tweet that says, "F**k you you f***ing liars."

She has not yet said if it was the entire story that was a lie or just parts of it.

Photo: Getty Images