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The Nicest to Meanest Horoscope Signs


You happen to be the nicest of all the zodiac signs

You hate conflict and drama. Raising your voice and yelling at other people isn’t really your thing. Your personality is so kind and gentle


You are also very kind… and you just hate feeling bad

Sagittarius are very open and want to live life to the fullest which means you simply don't have time to get angry. 


You are also extremely nice

Even though you’re not very expressive, you are actually very generous and that’s what makes your special.


You are one of the kindness but that doesn’t mean you don’t like having the last word. Taurus, you are typically calm but when people push your buttons you will react and stand up for yourself.


you are naturally impulsive and words just seem to slip out of your mouth and that’s where you can offend people. Aries have trouble thinking before they speak, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are hardworking, kind and generous.


You can be ruthless!

Leos can be every complex characters and can become mean when they don’t get what they want.


You can be cruel

You are huge romantics and love attracting and seducing people but when a gemini strongly disagrees with something, their mean side can come out to play.


You can be an out of control rebel

Capricorns are very orderly, reasonable and responsible, which is why they hate it when people don’t follow the rules. When you see things aren’t going as they are suppose to… you become mean.


You can be extremely nice but you can be one of the meanest. Libras make such fantastic friends but do NOT mess with them. Libras can be very defensive.


You are the most sensitive sign which would make others think you are harmless, but when a Pisces feels attacked their mean side comes out! Pisces’ lack of confidence means that you will strike first with a low blow.


You can sometimes seek revenge. Cancer would do anything for their friends and family, however when a Cancer feels attacked their mean side comes out.


You are the meanest and have no limits

Scorpios are very passionate and sometimes let their feelings get the best of them.