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"Breathtakingly Horrific" Aussie Real Estate Video Ad Goes Viral

Dirty Dancing meets Fifty Shades of Grey in a hilariously bad real estate video that's got all of Australia cackling with laughter.

"The lavish cinematic offering, for a four-bedroom house in Padstow, shows a couple dancing through the property, prowling across their kitchen counter, awkwardly swimming, and then settling into bed--all to a pounding dance music soundtrack," The Guardian reports about the two-and-a-half-minute YouTube clip advertising a house in the suburbs of Sydney.

The clip has since been described as "so breathtakingly horrific that it borders on art" and "the most real estate agent video I have ever seen."

One Twitter user compared it to a "crazy suburban romantic spy thriller musical."

Meanwhile, real estate agent Sam Nader says about his marketing ploy, "It was supposed to be funny. Whether it’s funny, it’s rude or its sexy, every video I do is different."