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The One Spot You Need to Declutter, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Games and gear

Active, headstrong Aries finds plenty of ways to fill their time. So no doubt you’ve managed to amass a collection of supplies to sustain your challenging hobbies. Find time to sort through that stuff—it might be your video games, board games, or sporting equipment—and pare down to just the things you get good use out of.

Taurus: Kitchen tools

You’re dependable, Taurus, and deserve to have tools that are dependable, too. Devote your attention to your kitchen drawers, cubbies, and crocks, clearing out the broken can openers or sad spatulas that could ruin your night. This way, you can focus on being creative in the kitchen, which is what you really love anyway.

Gemini: Apps on your phone

The twins are the perfect symbol for Geminis; you need two brains to handle both your curious intellect and your ever-fleeting passions. You’re impulsive, and change your interests constantly, so I’m sure you’ve got a few folders full of apps you never touch on your phone. Time to declutter your digital life. Be ruthless about deleting the apps and accounts you haven’t touched in more than a month, and you’ll have that much more room for your next new thing.

Cancer: Sentimental clutter

You knew we had your number on this one, Cancer. As the zodiac’s resident emotional sign, there is surely a closet, drawer, or box stuffed to the brim with things you’re keeping for sentimental reasons. You don’t have to get rid of it all, or any of it really. But do yourself a favor and at least go through it. Maybe you can find a few things that you can snap a picture of, for memory’s sake, or repurpose into something useful.

Leo: Clothes

A confident and theatrical Leo surely spends lots of time curating their look. So Leo, your decluttering target should definitely be the closet. Go through your clothes and give yourself permission to get rid of anything you don’t feel great about. It all just gives you more room for new, flashy threads.

Virgo: Paper and planners

Organized Virgos love to be prepared for anything, so you’re probably hanging on to a ton of paper clutter “just in case.” Even though it’s organized into labeled files, that doesn’t mean it’s not weighing you down.

Libra: Decorations

First take everything down—the collections, the candles, the frames—then slowly layer things back in. You can trust your artistic eye to give the objects you truly love a place of pride… then feel good about getting rid of the heavier things that have been weighing you down.

Scorpio: The junk drawer

Hardworking, ambitious Scorpios will find fulfillment in a task they can master. The junk drawer is the perfect target for your decluttering efforts. It has clear rules (pull everything out, put keepers back in), firm boundaries, and a very satisfying finish moment. You get to confidently say “done!” and move on to the next thing.

Sagittarius: The bathroom cabinets

The zodiac’s eternal nomad, Sags move too quickly to stick with anything for too long. And that goes for beauty and grooming products, too. Your decluttering mission is to clear out your bathroom cabinets of endless samples, unused products, and those thousand tiny travel bottles you keep acquiring to get through airport security.

Capricorn: The fridge & pantry

You’re probably already pretty good at keeping your extra stuff to a minimum but focus on the places in the kitchen where you store food. Even the most studious and organized people have a few expired bottles in the fridge.

Aquarius: Books

Erratic, literary-loving Aqua is likely to have a big library of books that they’ve found, flipped through, and heaped onto their shelves. But you need your space, so it’s time to pare down that collection. Keep a capsule of books that really speak to who you are right now, then pass on the others to friends—it’s just one way to share a bit of your beautiful mind with the world.

Pisces: The closet

You’ve probably spent a long time hiding your things behind closed doors and calling it a day. It’s time to finally go through that closet (or room, or box) where you tend to stockpile all the stuff you don’t want to deal with.