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"90210" Reboot "BH90210" Drops Its First Official Trailer

In the first preview for the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot BH90210, the series' infectious theme song takes center stage as the cast members hear snippets of it throughout their daily lives. 

Shannen Doherty hears it while meditating, Jason Priestley hears it emanating from his alarm clock, Tori Spelling hears it in her coffee maker, Jennie Garth hears it from her blow dryer, and Brian Austin Green hears it in his motorized tie rack.

Us Weekly reports that the new show, which premieres August 7 on FOX, has a "big twist" that adds an extra layer of meta to it.

It's about the actors--who are playing heightened versions of themselves--and their personal storylines as they reunite and plan to revive the '90s show.