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Hersheys Bars To Feature Emojis In Candy's First Makeover In 125 Years

In a move that might earn a smiley-face from young fans, Hersheys announced Tuesday that its iconic chocolate bars will undergo a trendy, emoji-laden makeover starting this summer.

The Hershey Company will change up its chocolate bar's look for the first time in its 125-year history with emojis decorating the bar's wrappers and the chocolate itself.

Us Weekly notes that the new look is meant to get customers to “put down their cellphones and pick up a Hershey’s bar." The "Hersheys Milk Chocolate Emoji Bars" will come in both standard size and snack size, as well as a 5-pack snack size.

They're expected to feature 25 of the U.S.'s most widely shared emojis, including thumbs-up and kissy-lips.