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The Shawn Mendes #LoveUp Moment

Our latest #LoveUp moment was for a girl named Kylie. She’s 16 years old and lives in Beaverton, OR. 2 years ago, Kylie’s life completely changed. She woke up one morning thinking she had a migraine. A few hours later, she was on an operating table receiving brain surgery. It turns out that Kylie as born with a malformation in brain that caused a brain bleed. 

Kylie almost didn’t make it. She flat-lined twice during surgery. Doctors were preparing to declare Kylie brain dead. However, Kylie has defied all the odds. She recovered and spent 7 months in the hospital beginning intense therapy. She had to re-learn how to walk, how to talk, how to write. 

2 years later, Kylie is rocking her therapy sessions. Her speech is better, and she’s begun to walk without the aid of a cane or a walker. And she’s been doing amazing in school!

We found out that Shawn Mendes played a key role in Kylie’s recovery. She played his music non-stop during her intense rehab sessions. The song “Understand” has special meaning for her. 

When you wake up, your whole world is flipped

And every time I ask myself

Am I turning into someone else?

And I just pray to God that I'm still who I am

I really wanna understand

I just gotta understand yeah yeah

Now I just need to, I need to understand

I really wanna understand oh who I am

Shawn Mendes kicks off his World Tour in Portland tonight (6/12). We called Kylie to let her know that we got her tickets and meet and greet passes!! 

Watch the video of Kylie getting the surprise phone call from us above!

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