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A Baker Confused 'Moana' & 'Marijuana' On Birthday Cake

A Georgia woman was turning 25, and for her birthday, her mother ordered her a “Moana” cake, based on the 2016 animated Disney movie.

However, when her mother brought the cake bake home from the local baker she ordered it from, they realized there had been a breakdown in communication.

Inside of the family-friendly film “Moana,” the bakery heard marijuana and gave the woman a cake themed around the drug.

They "thought she saidmarijuana."

The green-and-white decorated cake Davis received included a “My Little Pony” horse with blood-shot eyes and a puff of smoke next to her, as well as a cannabis leaf tattooed on her haunch. There was also a larger cannabis leaf on the cake. Both photos were outlined in icing and sandwiched between “Happy 25th Birthday Kensli.”

The picture of the mistake cake went viral.