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How Each Zodiac Acts When They’re Hungover and how to get rid of it


You actually need to Exercise to cure your hangover.

A long run, a cycle class while drinking some electrolytes will keep you on going.

Taurus- You feel really hungry

Self-Care is all you can do to get rid of this hangover. Put some nice pajamas on, an eye mask and take a nap with the some blackout blinds down.

Gemini- Grouchy

Go to Brunch. Since you’re a social butterfly, you need to keep your mind busy with a couple people.

You’ll be feeling like yourself and maybe even feel ready for another night. Round 2.

Cancer- Embarrassed

Best thing to do is take a Yoga Class (Even Though You Want to Sleep)

Going out can make a Cancer feel emotional the next day. All you want to stay under the covers. A gentle yoga class will help get your blood flowing and your mind in the headspace you want it in.

Leo- Lazy

Netflix & Chill will help you deal with that hangover

Leo you’re hard working. So learning the art of staying in and watching Netflix in your sweatpants may be the smartest strategy to be back track for tomorrow.

Virgo-When your hungover you get teary eyed

What you need to feel better is Ibuprofen and Green Juice. When Virgo goes out, they go all out. That’s why having a super-healthy ritual to get back on track.

Libra- When you’re hungover you become Anti-social

The only way to try to make your hangover go away is by being Good. At this time you want to fight and being rude can come easy.

Do you’re own thing make a healthy meal at home, tackle something major on your to-do list.

Scorpio- You get Affectionate

Get some Brunch Cocktails

Seeing people in sunlight—but still having a drink is the best way for you to transition to daytime and beat a hangover.

Sagittarius- Ditzy

The best way for you to handle your hangover is to get Connected with People From Last Night. This bring good memories back and puts you in a happy mood.

Capricorn- You’re definitely grumpy when you’re hungover

Only way for you to feel better is to take a ‘Sick’ Day. Capricorn you’re always on the go, so use this to turn out the lights, and spend the day doing absolutely nothing.

Aquarius- Regretful

You can cure you’re hangover by doing an Activity.

Maybe invite a few people over for a cook out. Either way, a new activity or project will take your mind off your pounding head.

Pisces- You getParanoid

To try to make this hangover go away drink a ton of water and take walk somewhere with a relaxing view.

This will calm your mind, body, and soul.