Surfer Posts Thirst Trap But No One Can Get Past Her Strange Tan Lines

Holly-Daze Coffey has made a name for herself both for her surfing as well as for her Instagram. In 2009, the Australian beauty won the Under 14 North Coast Regional Championship and two years later took home gold at the ASR Australian Junior Surfing competition. These days, the 21-year-old can be found modeling and sharing photos of herself on IG. However, some of her latest pictures have her nearly one million followers a little confused. The pics are of Holly in a swimsuit, showing off a lot of skin, but on that skin are some weird tan lines that her fans have questions about.


One asked, "How did you get that tan line?" while another noted, "Tan line not on point," and another stated, "Confused by your tan lines lol never see you wearing a bikini bottom that matches it," and one other wrote, "We need to see what makes that tan line!"

The odd lines show up in some other photos too, like ones of Holly and her tattoo-covered boyfriend.


Holly got a little shamed for those shots, with comments like, "This account [has] gone way downhill," and "I feel bad for her dad and brother," and others calling the pics "distasteful." She doesn't care though, telling Australia's, "I ignore the trolls and if necessary I block them. They are only keyboard warriors and I feel sorry for them that they waste their time attempting to spread negativity."


She also plans on continuing to share her sexy pictures, saying, "I'll keep posting whatever photos I like. There are always 10 times as many positive comments as there are negative. The haters will keep on hating, but I am true to myself."

Unfortunately, Holly didn't reveal where her tan lines came from. Keep an eye on her Instagram though - she might add a photo of herself in whatever swimsuit caused them.

Photo: Coffey

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