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"Alienstock" Music Festival Launched By Storm Area 51 Movement Founder

Truth is stranger than fiction--or is it that fiction becomes truth? Matty Roberts, who originated the Storm Area 51 movement as a joke, is now launching a real festival, Alienstock, that same weekend in the same location instead.

"We created the viral event, ‘Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us,'" the festival website says. "After receiving mass support, we decided to create an experience that celebrates aliens and the unknown."

According to site, that also translates to “a world full of live music, arts and camping under the stars," including "some incredible performance from headlining artists!" 

There's no word yet on the entertainment that might be there, although what's clear is that Rachel, Nevada--where Alienstock is taking place--is not thrilled to have an influx of thousands of people.

In fact, the town of 100 people posted on their website about their lack of amenities such as a gas station or a store, and added, "Stay away from the residential part of Rachel. Most residents do not like where this event is going and will respond accordingly."

Barring problems, Alienstock is scheduled to happen from September 19-22.