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Crush Analyzer Will Tell You If Someone Is Actually Into You Or Not

For all the many, many screenshots of conversations you've sent your best girlfriends to analyze whether or not someone is into you, there's now a new app called Mei that can save you all that precious camera roll space (iCloud storage ain't free yunno!) that uses algorithms and AI to give you an educated percentage to see how much someone is into you.

There are a few downsides to keep it from being the perfect app. Most glaringly, the fact that it's only available for WhatsApp, and not iMessage conversations (Don't freak out yet, there's more info on how to slyly convince your crush to move the party to WhatsApp below...). WhatsApp is big in other countries, but in the US, it's way less popular than the default iMessage application.

The reason it's limited to WhatsApp? WhatsApp gives you the option to export your messages, whereas iMessage doesn't. "There's no easy way to get conversations [from iMessage] into a usable format," explains Es Lee, the founder of the app. However, if Apple changes their policy in the future, they'll make it happen, Lee adds.

Secondly, you also need a minimum of 500 words from your "crush's" side in order to analyze a convo. Luckily, the app tells you exactly how many more words you need to hit that minimum, in case you try to upload a convo and you're a few words shy.

Then, there's the cost.Each "run" of an analysis costs $8.99in credits. Given that you can re-submit conversations over and over again with new messages pretty much as often as you want, it's VERY easy to eat up your credits.

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