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The Number 1 Thing On Your Bucket List, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Bungee Jumping

You thrive on the adrenaline rush, but you also love a good challenge. Bungee jumping somewhere exotic and overseas is definitely your jam.

Taurus: Studying Abroad For A Semester

Signing up for a semester abroad program is equivalent to you making your cake and eating it too.

Gemini: Study Astrology

You may need to see to believe, but your desire to learn and communicate overpowers your logical left brain. Astrology fascinates you, you want to know exactly why.

Cancer: Staying At A Yoga Ashram

Eat, pray, and love. Since there's nothing you love more than the comfort of your shell, you can't help but imagine the thought of a spiritual awakening, somewhere overseas.

Leo: Publishing A Book

You were born to be a star. You're a creator at heart, and writing a book would only seal the deal. The world needs to know your name.

Virgo: Backpacking Through Europe

It's all about the details, Virgo. Backpacking isn't just a budget-conscious way of traveling, it's also the perfect opportunity to fully experience everything. This is a must-do for you.

Libra: Learning A Different Language

You like meeting people halfway. You're a social chameleon, and learning a different language naturally stems from your desire to connect with others.

Scorpio: Buying Your Own Home

Admit it, Scorpio: You don't like to depend on anyone but yourself. And this is precisely why owning a home is likely number one on your bucket list.

Sagittarius: Visiting A Museum

Aside from taking a photo beneath the Eiffel Tower, you've always dreamed of visiting well-known museums in the world.

Capricorn: Dedicating Time To Volunteer Work

You don't like wasting time, Capricorn. Aside from learning new skills and including them on your resume, volunteer work is something you can do for a good cause. It’s a must-do.

Aquarius: Starting Your Own Revolution

You're a rebel, Aquarius. It's not that you purposely look for trouble. On the contrary, you simply embrace your rights for free thought and speech. This is your time to rise up, if you haven't already.

Pisces: Being Hypnotized

You've always been drawn to meditation, but becoming hypnotized has always been on your bucket list. Who knows, maybe you'll be the one doing the hypnotizing?