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How you should define success, according to your sign

Aries: When you see it through until the end, know that’s success.

If you’re an Aries, you already know you’re a powerhouse of ideas. Most projects hit a phase where it’s all grind and no fun. Sometimes when things take too long you start feel the failure. For you Aries, success looks like taking your time and building something that lasts beyond the honeymoon stage.

Taurus: When you notice that you changed, that’s success

Taurus is the sign most famous for staying the same. Change is a fundamental quality of living well. Thinking a little differently or following a new routine, consider it a personal victory. It’s better than rather than rejecting or retreating from it.

Gemini: If you’ve made a little bit of progress, consider it success

As a twin, you know your intellectual appetite is bigger than your actual ability to focus on one thing at a time. Your greatest successes come when you can quiet your mind and do a little bit of work. It doesn’t have to be amazing yet — it just has to exist.

Cancer: Consider yourself successful when you’re clear about what you want.

Cancer, you operate from your tender center. As one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac, there’s a lot going on with you internally. If you can state your needs clearly enough where everyone can understand them, you deserve a prize.

Leo: If for a moment you weren’t the star, and you were okay with it, that’s a win.

Leo just knowing that you can’t always be the star of the show, is big of you.Truthfully, if you’re a Leo, you’ll have plenty of spotlight in your life. If you can thrive without the applause of others, be happy with yourself.

Virgo: In life, if you didn’t sacrifice your body for the cause consider that a success

Virgos will do what must be done, even if no one else is willing to do it with them. Virgos tends to manifest through pushing their bodies to the limit. But sacrificing your body is an unhealthy, so your cosmic victories are about how well you treated yourself in the process. You can’t really win if there isn’t a YOU to win.

Libra: If someone wasn’t into you, and you didn’t fixate on it.. thats a victory

For a Libra, it’s second nature to chase the good opinion of someone due to their charisma. It’s part of your deal to want to win over everyone in your orbit. When you focus on nurturing the people who already love you without trying to sell yourself to a new market, you build richer relationships. A Libra’s win is to realize you’ve already won.

Scorpio: It’s a win when your nemesis shows up, and all is fine.

You’re the sign that hold grudges. Scorpios are not directly confrontational, but instead prefer to quietly hate their enemies from afar. Just because you’ve successfully concealed your fury doesn’t mean it’s not eating you from the inside out. If you can shake their hand and not intend murder, that’s a milestone.

Sagittarius: It success when you’ve apologized and meant it.

Sagittarius go-to is to explain or defend themselves. Trying to place yourself emotionally in the experience of someone else. If you find yourself able to apologize and sincerely feel and understand the other person’s perspective, that’s a huge personal victory.

Capricorn: Consider it success when you’ve asked for help, and received it.

All Capricorns want is to be successful. Now they love to work but hate to ask for help. But no one is truly a solo operation, and going in it alone is usually the least likely path to success.

Aquarius: Consider it success when you worked within the system.

For you. it’s tempting to rebel against everything you find not working. You have great reasons to do so, especially if most systems are corrupt. But nothing would ever get done if we had to constantly invent and reinvent society. Compromise is always necessary for you.

Pisces: You’ve won in life once you’ve learned how to keep everything in perspective.

When Pisces focus on details, they tend to be about the drama in their life and it turns into negative thoughts. Not so much about the physical facts of a situation. That’s the dark side of being sensitive. Focus on the great things about your life. You can keep your dramas, just not all of them.