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Woman Believes Ultrasound Image Resembles Late Father

A pregnant San Diego County woman noticed a shocking resemblance in her baby’s ultrasound picture: what appears to bea photo of her late father kissing her unborn daughter.

Shantel Carrillo, who’s five and a half months pregnant with her second child, had the medical exam last week. She didn’t expect the photograph to go viral.

She "just posted the original picture online."

Friends quickly pointed out theultrasound image resembled a picture of Carrillo’s father Charles, who died in 2016, holding Carrillo’s oldest daughter Myree. Her friends say, “Looks like there’s an angel giving your baby a kiss on the lips."

She showed the photo to her stepmother who “broke down, freaking out crying.”

For Carrillo, the idea her late father would show love to her child fits his character. Her dad "was obsessed" with her daughter"... he would melt” when he was around Myree.

While the online opinions about what’s pictured in the ultrasound vary, Carrillo believes it’s a message. “It was kind of like validation,” she said. “This is just something he would do.”

Carrillo’s daughter is due in April, the same month her father was born.