Airline Offers Priority Boarding To Passengers With Starbucks Holiday Cups

Each year, coffee and tea drinkers go crazy for Starbucks' holiday cups and now, an airline is getting into the excitement. Alaska Airlines, which, like Starbucks, is based in Seattle, will offer passengers holding the coffee-chain's Yuletide cups priority boarding. Starting on Thursday, if you've got a festive cup, you can wait in an "espresso lane." While you won't be the first on the plane - that honor goes to first-class passengers and elite members of Alaska's frequent flier club - you will get to be in the fifth boarding group, right before people sitting in the back of the aircraft.

Once on board, you might even find some Starbucks treats on your seat.

If speciality Christmas-themed drinks aren't your thing, no worries, according to the airline, you can be drinking regular coffee or even water, so long as it is from a Starbucks holiday cup. In fact, the cup can be empty since you might finish your drink before you board. That's still accepted.

The airline covered all their bases with the promotion, even thinking about customers flying out of the airports in San Francisco, Atlanta and Minneapolis, which aren't using the holiday cups since they are testing out compostable cups. For those passengers, a holiday cup sleeve will suffice.

Beyond the priority boarding, the cup holders won't get any other special perks, aside from enjoying their beverage. The promotion ends on Sunday.

Photo: Getty Images