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Your Zodiac Sign Developed vs Undeveloped

Aries- undeveloped: get angry about the smallest things, can be competitive, easily jealous and gets offended a lot.

Developed: makes relationships fun, is active, adventurous and open about feelings.

Taurus- undeveloped: can be possessive, overly jealous, doesn’t talk about their emotions, and wants to do everything right.

Developed- shows a lot of affection, always supportive, loves giving and can be very romantic.

Gemini- undeveloped: can be judgy, a control freak, and show less to no emotions at all

developed: can be incredibly funny, have lively conversations, and they can show you the bright side of life.

Cancer- undeveloped: can be controlling, a cry baby, drama queen and a bit clingy.

Developed: takes good care of their partner and their health, is always a shoulder to lean on and tries to understand your opinions.

Leo- undeveloped: wants to be treated like royal, can be egotistic, fishing for compliments, doesn’t really care for others feelings

Developed: treats you like royals, supports you and your goals, shows you off, and gives thoughtful gifts

Virgo- undeveloped: doesn’t care about love, thinks they don’t deserve love, can play the victim, and shows no emotion

Developed: you become the go to person, shows enough emotion, embraces the little things, can be really sweet and affectionate, and always tries to make you happy with little jokes.

Libra- undeveloped: can be overly romantic, everything revolves around them and their feelings, and can be indecisive

Developed: is really sweet and affectionate, wants the best for their partner, loves to show their love, and really truly cares about you

Scorpio- undeveloped: possessive, too much jealousy, not stable enough to handle a rejection, concentrates only on their partner and forgets about themselves, often too passionate and fights a lot.

Developed: gives you enough freedom to be yourself, pushes you to new things, is productive with you and gives security and stability, and a great sex life.

Sagittarius- undeveloped: will not stay around one partner for too long, difficulties expressing their feelings properly, doesn’t search for the truth and thinks they’re always right

Developed: always wants to do something new and crazy, loves you for you who are not what you look like, is proud to have you and shows you their feeling

Capricorn- undeveloped: does not have a lot of self confidence and doubts themselves constantly, afraid of falling in love, can be cold and comes off heartless, only interested in their work.

Developed: one of the most romantic lovers, they give you stability, they’re respectful and not too clingy, they want the best for you and always helps you with everything.

Aquarius- undeveloped: a bit of a loner sometimes, its very hard for them to show affectionate and love, can be pretty harsh

Developed: would go to the end of the world for the person they love, down for anything, needs their freedom bum you can always find compromises

Pisces- undeveloped: too dreamy, can’t commit to one person but if they do they’re too clingy, and can be lonely

Developed: loves to spend time with the one they love, also tries to think of themselves, can be helpful and caring, loyal and honest and can give the best advice.