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Signs that you’re not doing okay based on your Zodiac Sign

Aries- become less talkative, they get irritatedly easily and might give up on things or seem lazy.

Taurus- irregular eating habits, they become quiet, seem tired and if you see the crying then its really bad.

Gemini- might come off as rude or ignorant, tends to isolate themselves from others, talks much less then the usual.

Cancer- they become very angry, they scream and they push people away from them. They can be an emotional rollercoaster, and either binge eat or don’t eat very much.

Leo- they become extremely angry, looks like they don’t want to talk to anyone and they simply wont. Can come off as rude, won’t really laugh and become very pessimistic.

Virgo- they don’t get enough sleep, they avoid people and talk much less. Looks and acts tired and can be rude. They won’t care about people’s feelings at that very moment.

Libras- they’ll look tired. They’ll also try to talk to you about their problems but then will say something like “ah don’t worry about it.” And They’re not happy and optimistic as they usually are.

Scorpio- they will literally take everything personally, might be sarcastic, will complain a lot and they won’t tell you if they need any help, they’ll just act normal.

Sagittarius- literally stop caring, you will hardly see them laugh, they distant themselves from people, and they won’t talk much.

Capricorn- You can definitely see it in their face, they doubt everything they do, you can tell they want to talk about it but doesn’t know how and can be very quiet.

Aquarius- they can be really rude, they become more introverted people, they rather stay home if they can and will lose their routine.

Pisces- they will become very distant, they’ll avoid talking to people, they’ll cry often but you won’t know and they won’t care about things they normally do care about.