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Three Stages You Go Through In Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign


1st- Bubbly, eternal child that just wants to have fun

2nd- Competitive, the fire sign starts to come out

3rd- Risk taker, firm and confident


1st- Earthy artist, exploring different things

2nd- Pick up this stubbornness and can be materialistic

3rd- Maturity kicks in and you’re determined


1st- you can be childlike, the class clown

2nd- Disorganized but adventurous

3rd- Become Sophisticated and have found your talent


1st- moody and sensitive

2nd- aggressive and a bit paranoid

3rd- empathic counselor, the parent like friend


1st- want to be the best performer

2nd- hate themselves openly, you don’t accept your flaws

3rd- Want to save the world, fix any problem


1st- self critical and a nervous wreck

2nd- cool and chill, and you’re the composed problem solver

3rd- you work on being an incredible role model and you’re a server to your community


1st- may feel lonely, dependent, and sensitive

2nd- able to do whatever you want and do it very well

3rd- Incredible leader that also seeks justice


1st- silent and angry at the world, a little unstable

2nd- curious and that very emotional lover

3rd- complex yet powerful and seductive


1st- uncontrollable and wild

2nd- become philosophical and a wise guide

3rd- travel hungry and absorb life and not waste time


1st- consumed worker and always contributing

2nd- attentive but paranoid

3d- you’re seen as a leader, with a success story


1st- introverted and the misunderstood outsider

2nd- playful child, interested by everyone and everything

3rd- fair minded and extremely intelligent


1st- can be a trickster and complex

2nd- addicted daydreamer, incapable of dealing with reality

3rd- you’re spiritual temple and a compassionate comforter