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How Each Zodiac Sign Acts When They Have A Crush On You

Aries- When an Aries has a crush on you, they will make it clear that they like you. They might even tell you face to face that they're crushing on you and if not, they’ll make sure to flirt and compliment you a lot.

Taurus- When a Taurus has a crush on you, they try to make physical contact with you as much as possible. They’ll hug you randomly or find a way to touch your hand. But what no one knows is that their over-thinking every word to say to their crush. They are that nervous.

Gemini- When a Gemini has a crush on you, they usually prefer to communicate through dms or phone calls. Thats a big sign when you’re wondering if a gemini likes you. But also know that their emotions can get the best of them and they can come off too strong. 

Cancer- When a Cancer has a crush on you, they are known to not make the first move. They might get more shy and awkward around you because they feel so strong. But they definitely like to watch you when you’re not looking.

Leo- When a Leo has a crush on you, they go right into flirting mode but you need to get in their orbit first. They are definitely brave enough to make the first move but they won’t go out of their way to find you. Once they start flirting, they’ll get you to share your passions.

Virgo- When a Virgo has a crush on you, they become pretty shy but they’ll try and get closer to you, slowly, through friendship. They don’t usually make bold moves but they will compliment you a lot, that’s how a Virgo flirts.

Libra- When a Libra has a crush on you, you will notice them smiling a lot and laughing with you whenever they get a chance to. They get all giddy and a little wired. You actually make them feel optimistic and energized. Also Libras will go overboard when it comes to giving you a gift.

Scorpio- When a Scorpio has a crush on you, they usually chose to hide it and they’re really good at it. At best you’ll catch them starring at you with their intense gaze. But if they decide to show they’re crushing on you, they might come off way too strong and could scare you away.

Sagittarius- Sagittarius actually develop mini-crushes all the time. But when a Sagittarius they become really playful with you. They might tickle you, chase you, they’ll basically act like a kid and make you laugh. But if you take too long to respond to them or flirt back they move on the next mini crush.

Capricorn- When a Capricorn has a crush on you, they won’t really make it obvious, until they ask you to go out randomly or make a random move. They usually avoid casual conversations but they find a way to get to know you better, then they make a plan on how to flirt with you.

Aquarius- When an Aquarius has a crush on you, they get to you through friendship and discussion. They’ll try to make deep and meaningful conversations about anything and share their beliefs with you. They also like bringing you around a group of friends because they can be themselves and joke around with their friends which makes them feel more comfortable about interacting with their crush.

Pisces- Actually wish their crush could just know they like them. They don't want to have to say or do anything directly. Instead, they channel those feelings into something creative like a song or painting. But when their crush does know they like them, a pisces will try to take care of them in any way they can.