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Two Types of Each Zodiac Sign

Aries (both are trustworthy, but they use it in different ways)

  1. First type of Aries will build peoples trust in them to the point where it could end up manipulating and to use people
  2. The other type of Aries they treat trust very delicately and even though they find it hard to trust people they want nothing more than for others to be able to trust them

Taurus (both are hot headed but is either internal or external)

  1. First type of Taurus will get frustrated with themselves, even over the smallest things
  2. The other type of Taurus will express themselves out load, sometimes getting a bit too loud for others

Gemini(both are well rounded but they aren’t both aware of it)

  1. First type of Gemini almost tricks their mind into thinking that they are going to lose it and can be a bit unstable
  2. The other kind of gemini is confident in themselves and will not let anyone tear them down

Cancer (both are independent, just in different ways)

  1. First type of Cancer is a free spirit, who doesn’t let anyone bring them down or hinder what or who they believe in
  2. The other type of Cancer can struggles to keep their head above water in a sea of people so different to them and find it hard to not let others affect them.

Leo (both think highly of themselves but express it differently)

  1. First type of Leo will give themselves compliments and can think their better than most people. You have extreme confidence
  2. The other type of Leo is modest and doesn’t always take compliments very well

Virgo (both are deeply connected to their emotional side, but use it differently)

  1. First type of Virgo can manipulate with their emotions and will get their way no matter what
  2. The other type of Virgo can relate to others and help them with things they’ve experienced themselves or things they’ve seen or heard of.

Libra (both are strong, but don’t always think or act on it well)

  1. First type of Libra will try to downsize the achievements of others by covering them with their own, just to feel better about themselves.
  2. The other type will not let anyone bring them down, no matter how hard they try, emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially

Scorpio (Both are very mature but in different ways)

  1. The first type of Scorpio tries to force themselves to be more mature in order to please others
  2. The other type of Scorpio is mature way beyond their years and may be depending on their emotions

Sagittarius (both have a lot of emotions but deal with them differently)

  1. First type of Sagittarius finds it hard to express their emotion, which leads to their feelings growing more and more intense. This can be good or bad.
  2. The other type of Sagittarius tends to drag other people down with their emotions. They do however, always make others smile when they have a lot of positive feelings and vibes.

Capricorn (both are born leaders but handle it differently)

  1. First type of Capricorn won’t let anyone else tell them what to do, this is good and bad.
  2. The other type of Capricorn will be kind and patient with their leader role and make sure everyone is okay before themselves.

Aquarius (both are very cautious but of different things)

1. First type of Aquarius is cautious of themselves, either in how their brain works or how they react to certain things.

2. The other type of Aquarius is cautious of other people, they find it hard to open up to anyone.

Pisces (both types are actually complete opposites of each other)

  1. First type of Pisces is so closed off and comes off as very mysterious and strange
  2. The other type of pisces is an open book and they lay all of their cards on the table and they let people in.