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How to win a someones heart based on their zodiac sign


If you want to win someone over, be persistent. Calls and texts and conversations about everything and anything catches their attention. Also be willing to go with their plans. Aries will be most attracted to someone with ambition and a dream, just as long as it fits with theirs.


To win a Taurus over, know that validation and attention is very important. A Taurus will go for someone that appreciates the things most important to them and someone who will listen to their opinions and respect them.


Geminis are incredibly different from most people. To win them over try to really understand them. They want to talk but they don’t want to be around people. A gemini will be attracted to someone who is weird and unlike the rest. Accept your strangeness and be proud of it.


To win a cancer’s heart, be loving, sensitive and treat them kindly. Most cancers love the cheesy rom-com type.plan cute little outings and show them you can be the sweetest person alive. Cancers are attracted to people who live for fairy lights, Christmas and cuddles.


To win a Leo’s heart, know that they like people who dress and look well. You don’t have to be the prettiest person in the world but act like you are. Don’t be confused though, they don’t like cocky people, just confidence. Leos are attracted to the happy, secure and fashionable.


To win a Virgo’s heart, just know that they look at how you treat others and what your mind is like. They like people who show they have depth and willingness to learn. Reading books and having a large vocabulary will make you look extremely desirable. Virgos are attracted to kind, respectful and intellectual people.


To win a Libra over, treat them like they’re your world. Be cute with them and show them you like doing fun and dorky things. They also like movie marathons, dancing for fun, and someone down to sing a duet. Libras are attracted to those who are naturals in being companions.


A scorpio will be very analytical about the person they date because they know that person will be a reflection of them. Scorpios notice what you wear, how you do your hair and how you show your personality. A scorpio is attracted to an interesting and exciting personality someone to decode.


If you are trying to win the heart of a Sagittarius, just know they don’t want to sit around all day when it comes to dating. They want to talk about travel and they want to go somewhere. Express your interests in adventures, places you want to see and things you want to experience. Sagittarius are attracted to people from far away or who have the dream to fo far away.


To win over a Capricorn, give them your full attention. A Capricorn will fill the house with conversations, its their first instinct for expression. Also, don’t be condescending to yourself or other people. Show that you're confident in yourself to the point that you do not need to drags others down. Capricorn are attracted to the intelligent, independent and reliable.


If you want to win the heart of an Aquarius, just know they like those who express themselves in creativity, whether it’s drawing, painting, dancing, film etc… they appreciate it beyond measure and they want someone who make their dreams work. They also like people that understand space. Also give them time to make the first move.


Pisces are interesting people. To really win their heart, you have to be okay with their emotions. They might want a hand to hold or they might want you to leave them alone. Pisces wants someone who can keep up with their every changing wants and needs. They also want to surround themselves with weird, those who are proud to be different.