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Whats to come for you in 2020 based on your zodiac sign


Your ambitious career driven side becomes more enjoyable and easier in the coming year. Your professional and public relationships will grow and become healthier. While the first half of the year start career focused, the second calls your attention to the ways you communicate and love.


The mistakes of 2019 will follow unless you make a major change that will be hard. However this change is vital and positive. Your mistakes in the past year do not define you and making this change will cause your relationships and self image to be far happier, healthier, and beneficial.


2020 is defined by your own innovative ideas and aspirations. You will be able to harness your own ability to attract what you want and need yourself. At the beginning of the year, your self love calls for your focus too. Who can you depend on? Who can you trust? Who do attract? Pay attention to those things.


You are poised for a fresh start in 2020. Your friendships and co-dependent nature are up for questioning in the beginning of the year. Who you depend on may not be the healthiest for you. Watch for your friends patterns and how they treat others. 2020 calls for you to protect yourself from manipulation.


2019 brought hardships and lost relationships. You might’ve reacted poorly to situations that could have been avoided. This year however, gives you the opportunity to start over. Early 2020 there might be a bit if a reality check when it comes to relationships and health. This give you a tremendous opportunity to rebuild and become better.


In 2019 a lot of your relationships faced hardship however with the new year, rebuilding is exactly what you need. A new you is vital to your own mental health and prosperity. Your motivation has struggled in the past few years however you have the tools to fight your bad habits. You will be challenged to work hard for your own success.


The new year for you Libra will be filled with renovation and comfort. You’ll a find a voice you didn’t think you had before. 2020 brings you uplifting changes however you must focus on not becoming too rooted in your own agenda or beliefs. Be sure to keep your eyes open for new ideas that will suit you.


Your perspective on the world is called to change this year. Your ideas and beliefs are rooted deeply in your personality scorpio however you aren’t always right. These challenging bits of information and experiences will deepen your connection with others and the universe, you just have to let go of the past to do so.


Your 2019 mistakes will not haunt you. 2020 is a year for rebuilding and growing. Your past year put you through the ringer and this year is going to let you show what you’ve learned. 2020 encourages you to push your own boundaries and deepen your sense of security.


In 2020 you have to let go. Allow the universe to pull you where you need to be. This year is powerful, one for lifestyle changes, connections and confidence. You have the ability to work hard and make whatever you desire a reality. You will find yourself creatively inspired. In 2020 you will come out stronger and happier.


If you have been feeling guilty of something that has happened in the past. 2020 gives you the tolls to let go and move on. This year will give you the strength to analyze what has been bothering. This will show you the positive in situations and puts an end to outdated attitudes, beliefs and thoughts that have been holding you back. There is a lot of inner work and preparation on your part that needs to happen.


Your social life is a main focus in the new year, which will cause sweeping changes in your company. This brings improvements and a higher ability to be your true authentic self. When you surround yourself with those who love the real you, your self esteem flourishes. 2020 is about bettering your own life and self.