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Delaney's Downloads: The Only 7 Flirting Moves You'll Ever Need

Flirting is one of those things that's always easier in theory. maybe you are a charming person and people want to talk to you, get to know you, and date you, but when you're swimming in your own thoughts on a first date, all everything you know about flirting goes out the window.

Here is the list of the best flirting tactics ever, so you'll never have to stress about what to say ever again:

1. Fake it till you make it. No set of flirting moves will work unless you also genuinely believe that you're the most magnetic person in the room. dating and flirting coach and resident sex expert says you want to give off the most confident vibe you can.

2. Project confidence by speaking from your stomach. "When your voice comes from your stomach [instead of your throat], you naturally come across as more confident and calm," speaking from your diaphragm like this also encourages you to slow down and makes you less likely to trip over your own words.

3. Be unapologetic about why you're flirting. It's normal to feel anxious when flirting or even before approaching someone and saying hi. "There’s no reason for anxiety if you reframe your feelings into an attitude of 'I’m interested in seeing if I’m interested.'" Instead of putting the other person on a pedestal right away, remind yourself that you're there to find out if they're a person worth getting to know, and not giving them more power than they've earned.

4. Ask questions. People love giving advice and there's no easier way to start up a conversation than by asking questions. "When you ask someone a question and they give you advice or information, they are investing in you and they automatically feel more connected to you."

5. Follow up your questions by sharing something about yourself. To ensure that you don't wind up in a feedback loop of just asking questions, circle back your convo by sharing something about yourself, and then asking another question. An example of this formula in action could go something like this: “How'd you make that broccoli? I cook for myself almost every night, and while I’m great at steak, veggies are my weakness.”

6. Make eye contact, and then look away. this is the best way to show your interest without coming across as creepy. No one wants an extended 30-minute stare beating down on them. "Pace yourself," Think of eye contact as a rhythm you're trying to establish.

7. Introduce yourself. It's so easy, you might not even think of it as a flirting move, but it totally is. You could ask 'How do you know the host?' if youre at a house party to open up the convo. "Most importantly," "LISTEN! People love to be heard. Don’t just wait for your turn to talk or brag about yourself. Show genuine interest, kindness, and empathy."