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Stray Dog, "Subway Sally," Who Visits Subway Nightly Goes Viral Overnight

"Subway Sally," a stray dog that shows up at a Subway sandwich shop every night, has gone viral.

CBS News reports that the dog, who has been fed by Portales, New Mexico, Subway employees for about a year now, was captured on video by employee Giovanni Luhman.

He put a clip of himself and the dog on TikTok one night, and awoke to find that the video had gotten more than 10 million views overnight.

Since then, many people, including celebrities, have tried to offer money for what he did, but Luhman says he doesn't want the money. "People shouldn't limit their concern," he says, and wants people to care about strays in real life too.

Luhman can't adopt Sally because he has cats, he says; the closest shelter has a high kill rate so he doesn't want to bring her there either.

He says he won't post about the dog anymore, but that he and other employees will continue to keep feeding her.