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WATCH: Jimmy Fallon & John Cena "Work It Out" In Hilarious Super Bowl Ad

Jimmy Fallon gets some workout advice from John Cena in a new Michelob Ultra ad set to air during the Super Bowl, according to UPI.

In the "Jimmy Works It Out" ad, Fallon tries to take Cena's advice to "see the lighter side of things" after admitting "working out sucks!"

The Roots, Usain Bolt, Brooks Koepka, and Kerri Walsh Jennings join Fallon and Cena as he attempts to have fun doing athletic activities. When he seems to be doing better after football drills, Cena tells him, "I'm so proud I could squat you."

At the end of the spot, Fallon says, "I feel great! A little sore, a little sore..."--all while standing in a tub of ice. 

The Super Bowl will air on FOX on February 2.